Michigan Football Candidate Thoughts – 2/2/22

With more rumors swirling that Jim Harbaugh is likely to take a job with the Minnesota Vikings, I wanted to provide my rankings of external candidates.

I will follow up this post with some data around my thoughts.

Internal Options
(1) Josh Gattis
(2) Sherrone Moore
(3) Mike Hart

Realistic External Options
(1) Matt Rhule
(2) Bill O’Brien

Candidates Michigan won’t look at, but I wish they would.
(1) Jeff Hafley
(2) Lane Kiffin
(3) Jeff Brohm
(4) PJ Fleck

Unrealistic candidates
(1) Luke Fickell
(2) Dave Aranda
(3) Matt Campbell

(1) Luke Fickell
(2) Dave Aranda
(3) Jeff Hafley
(4) Lane Kiffin
(5) Jeff Brohm
(6) Matt Campbell
(7) Matt Rhule
(8) Josh Gattis
(9) Bill O’Brien
(10) Sherrone Moore
(11) Mike Hart